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      Fluid: Hyd,Lubricant,Qt, Mil-Prf-5606H

      MIL-PRF-5606H Hydraulic Fluid. Red, mineral base.X/C 5606H Aviation Hydraulic Fluid is a red-dyed, mineral-based fluid formulated to provide protection under severe-duty applications.

      Oil: Lube,Instrument,Qt, Brayco 885
      Castrol Brayco 885 is a diester base synthetic oil with additives which impart corrosion protection, minimize galvanic corrosion, inhibit oxidation, and reduce foaming tendencies.
      Lubricant: Oil,Qt, Mil-Prf 7870

      ROYCO 363 is a highly refined mineral oil based lubricant formulated with modern additives to provide oxidation and corrosion protection, low temperature fluidity, rust inhibition, and good resistance to evaporation. 

      Eastman™ Turbo Oil 2197, 1 Qt

      Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 is designed to exceed the demand of current and future turbine engines. With over 400 million hours of in-flight experience, it is by far the most widely used HTS fleet oil in the world.

    • Oil: Lube,General Purpose,Qt, Brayco 300
      Royco® 586M Lubricating Oil, 5 Gal

      A blend of highly refined mineral oils and additives that achieve excellent load carrying capacity and corrosion/oxidation inhibition. A higher viscosity and load carrying capacity than Royco 586L Lubricating Oil. Designed for application in gear boxes and specified helicopter transmissions.


      MIL - PRF - 6086 GRADE M
      NATO: MIL - PRF - 6086 GRADE M


      Joint Service Designation: OEP-70

      Brayco 599 Dark Amber Preservation Oil, 8 Oz

      Brayco 599 is designed for use as an additive for turbine engines and helicopter transmissions that use MIL-PRF-23699F lubricating oil. Brayco 599 should be added to the oil sump immediately after an oil change when the equipment is intended to be placed in storage, especially in locations where high humidity and salt spray are present. The corrosion inhibited oil should be capable of limited use not to exeed 25 hours. Please consult the engine manufacturer's manual to determine specific engine model recommendations and/or limitations.


      To receive full protection for extended equipment storage, Castrol recommends addition of Brayco 599 in concentrations between 10% and 15% by volume. Lower concentrations between 5% and 10% may be suitable for some component storage applications depending upon storage conditions and length of storage. Please consult the engine manufacturer's maintenance manual or service bulletin t

      Lubricant: Solid,Push Tube,1.6Oz, Boelube
      High Efficiency Lubrication High lubricity and unique polar properties are the keys to its ability to provide superior metalworking lubrication. The application of minute amounts of BOELUBE, which is consumed in the metalworking process, will greatly improve tool life, surface finish and hole quality. BOELUBE provides superior lubricity when machining materials such as aluminum and titanium where high quality finish and an increase in tool life is observed. Cost savings are derived through longer tool life, increased productivity, reduced lubricant usage, lower shop maintenance costs, and clean chips, parts and machinery. Advantages BOELUBE will not promote dermatitis and presents a safe effective method for operators to machine various types of metal, composites, graphite, etc. without special handling or typical disposal problems. BOELUBE is easily removed with water-based cleaner, isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol. In most cases
      Lanxess Solutions Oil: Turbine Engine,Qt, Royco 808,Mil-Prf7808H

      ROYCO 808 is a synthetic based lubricating oil for gas turbine engines requiring an oil with lower volatility and higher oxidative stability than is obtainable with conventional mineral based turbine oils. ROYCO 808 is formulated using the highest quality polyol ester base stocks compounded with additives to impart higher oxidation and corrosion resistance as well is enhanced antiwear protection. These benefits provide for exceptionally clean engine operation as well as extended drain intervals.

      ROYCO 808 meets all requirements and is qualified under MIL-SPEC: MIL-PRF-7808L Grade 3.

      Royco 808 is not interchangeable with any other lubricating oils except those qualified under MIL-PRF-7808 or MIL-L-23699.

      Henkel BONDERITE® L-GP GP 460 Acheson Anti-seize 1225098, 1 pt can

      Anti-seize lubricant designed to provide long-lasting service over a wide temperature range. Meets GE A50TF201
      Manufacturer P/N: 1225098

      Oil: Instrument Lubricant,Gl, Royco 885,Mil-Prf6085
      ROYCO 885 is a light, synthetic based lubricating oil containing additives for oxidation and corrosion inhibition, antifoaming, and rust protection. This fluid has very low volatility and exceptional low temperature performance as well. ROYCO 885 is designated as P-17 under Military Standard Mil-P-116G, Mil-PRF-6085, as well as Boeing Material Specification, BMS 3-7.

      Oil: Lubrication,General,Gl, Royco 308 Ca,Mil-Prf32033

      ROYCO 308CA is a highly refined mineral oil based lubricating oil blended with modern additives for rust and corrosion inhibition and improved water displacing characteristics. It was developed for the lubrication and protection against corrosion of small arms and automatic weapons however, it may be used as a general-purpose lubricant in all applications where water displacement, water resistance, corrosion protection and/or low temperature performance is required. ROYCO 308CA is an excellent lubricant for locks, hinges, electric motors, chains, and fishing, hunting and camping equipment. For 
      small engine storage, pour slowly into the throat of the carburetor until the engine stalls. The engine is now preserved internally and assures that no gums or corrosion will develop during storage and that valves will not stick during start-up.

      ROYCO 308CA is not rec

      Henkel Loctite® Moly-50™ Thread Lubricant 51094 Gray/Black, 1 Lb Can

      Henkel Loctite® Moly-50™ thread lubricant has a flash point greater than 93 degrees C for safe use. The mild petroleum odored, paste lubricant is gray/black in color and comes in a 1-pound can.


      • Specific gravity of 1.3969
      • Withstands a temperature range of -20 to 748 degrees F


      • Suitable for use on machine threads, tapered pipe threads for press-fit and slip-fit joints


      • General anti-seize thread lubrication
      • Use on machine threads, tapered pipe threads
      • Press fit and slip-fit joints
      Kit: Oil Analysis,Aoa,
      Oil analysis is an early warning detection system which reduces downtime and allows for scheduled maintenance and repairs, lowers maintenance costs by repair of minor problems before they become major and helps spot trouble before it gets serious micros
      Lubricant: Silicone,150Gm, Molykote 111
      2708574 Sealing and lubricating in vacuum and pressure systems, low volatility, non-melting, chemical resistant. Container sizes: 0.21 oz. 5.3 oz. 14.1 fl. oz. 8 lbs. 40 lbs. 440 lbs.
      Royco® 756 Red Synthetic Lubricating Oil, 5 Gal

      Royco 756 is a red-dyed, mineral oil based hydraulic fluid developed for the severe duty demands of aerospace and industrial service. Royco 756 contains additives that provide excellent low temperature fluidity as well as exceptional anti-wear, oxidation/corrosion inhibition and shear stability. Additionally, metal deactivators and foam inhibitors are provided in this high viscosity index fluid to enhance performance in many general purpose hydraulic applications.


      Features and Benefits:


      • Wide operating temperature range
      • Low temperature fluidity
      • Exceptional anti-wear performance
      • "Super clean" fluid to improve equipment life
      • Excellent oxidation and corrosion inhibition




      • Uses requiring all-weather performance
      • Use in systems where a &q