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      Celeste® Jet Scent Spray Clean & Pure, 6 Oz
      Jet Scent Spray - Clean & Pure - 6 oz. bottles - Case: 12 bottles.
      Cleaner: Pl,8Oz, Meguiars

      Use Meguiars MGH-17 (M1708) Plastic Cleaner with Meguiars MGH-10 (M1008) Plastic Polish to maintain optimum window clarity and visibility.

      Celeste® Sani-Com Pre-Moistened Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towel, 200 Per Box
      Sani-Com - Cleaner for Headsets, communication equipment and cleansing hands - Case: 200/box, 6 boxes/cs.
      Cleaner: 128P,1Gl,
      Brillianize is a unique product that makes shiny surfaces brilliant. Shines metal surfaces, Plexiglass windows, Lexan, chrome, mirrors. Helps minimize fingerprints. Anti-static properties help repel dust.
    • Celeste® Next Generation Interior Cleaner Complete 85000, 1 Qt
      Ect R-Mc Engine Cleaner 4070-05 Yellow, 5 Gal Pail

      ECT R-MC Series pre-mixed engine cleaner has a 7.5 to 8.5 pH level that ensures better cleaning of the surfaces without deteriorating the finish. With 23.7 millimeters Hg vapor pressure, this amine-based, slight sweet odored cleaner has a specific gravity of 1.02 at 20 degrees C and a boiling point of 215 degrees F. This biodegradable liquid cleaner is yellow in color and comes in a 5-gallon pail.


      • Employs non-flammable and non-toxic formula
      • In most applications cleaner does not requires mixing prior to use and rinsing after use
      • Requires an average cleaning time of less than 30 minutes
      • Vapor density greater than 1


      • Suitable for use in power recovery or crank-wash applications
      • Ideal replacement for TC-100, TC100, BB3100, 5884-5GL, 6783-50, A8130, ZOK27 and Ardrox® 5884 cleaners


      Zok® Engine Compressor Cleaner Clear Pale Yellow, 6 Gal Pail

      ZOK® engine compressor cleaner has a 7.2 to 7.5 pH level that ensures better cleaning of the surfaces without deteriorating the finish. This characteristic odored cleaner has a specific gravity of 1.01 and a boiling point of 100 degrees C at 760 millimeters Hg. It has less than 50 grams per liter VOC contents that evaporate slowly without leaving any residues or stains. The product can be stored at a temperature of 4 to 50 degrees C. This clear pale yellow liquid cleaner comes in a 6-gallon pail.


      • Cleaner is completely soluble in water
      • Requires no agitation
      • Viscosity of 22.26 centistokes at 20 degrees C


      • Helps to prevent corrosion
      • Does not cause any adverse effect on synthetic turbine oils


      • Turbine engine gas path


      • ISO 9
      Celeste® Biozyme Ex3 Enzymatic Cleaner, Deodorizer And Fabric Freshener, 1 Qt

      A multi-purpose biochemical cleaner, deodorizer and fabric freshener uniquely formulated to attack tough malodor issues using a 3-pronged approach: malodor neutralization, re-odorization, long term odor control.


      • Useful when treating airsickness odor on seats and carpets
      • Helps control mold and mildew on both hard and soft surfaces
      • Immediately neutralizes malodors by binding to the odor causing compounds, making them less volatile and, ultimately, less able to reach the nose
      • Biozyme can be used in galley drains for odor control and drain maintenance
      • Biozyme EX3 is safe for use on soft surfaces, such as carpets, fabrics and leather seating and seatbelts


      Cleaner: Solvent,Spray,16Oz, Skykleen 1000
      SkyKleen 1000 aviation solvent is the safer, smarter alternative solvent. SkyKleen combines excellent cleaning performance with environmentally friendly characteristics. It is inherently biodegradable, non-halogenated, non-ozone depleting, minimizes VOC emissions and is classified as non-hazardous waste per RCRA. SkyKleen is also easy to work with because it has low odor, does not adversely affect metals, leaves no residue, evaporates slowly, is non-combustible and non-caustic. For vertical or overhead surfaces, try SkyKleen 2000, which is a thickened version.
      Celeste® Sani-Cide Ex3 Disinfectant And Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray, 1 Qt

      It offers a safe and effective approach to the disinfection of a variety of surfaces throughout the aircraft while cleaning multi-soils leaving behind a clean, streak and haze free surface.


      Safe to use on: glass, mirrors, metal, plastics - including fire retardant thermoplastics, leather, fabric, and carpet.