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      Sealant: A/B,6Oz,W/Nozzle, Semkit,Ams-3284B,Type1
      Meets MIL-S-8784B Sealant for insp plates.
    • 3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2, BMS5-162,CLR, Kit
      3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2, BMS5-162,CLR, Kit
      3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2 as a high-performance, water-based solution gelation (sol-gel) system to improve adhesive bonding of metal and composite surfaces. 3M™ high-performance, non-chromated pre-treatment is ideal for aluminum alloys, steel, titanium and composites.3M AC-130-2 is your environmentally responsible alternative to traditional surface preparation for adhesive bonding. 3M™ Aerospace, widely recognized for the highest standards of quality and performance, adding value to the final results.
      3M™ AC-350B2 Aerospace Sealant 70005202596 Dark Gray, 3.5 oz
      3M™ AC350B2 class B non-sag aerospace sealant comes in two parts which includes part-A catalyst and part-B base. The liquid part-A catalyst is brown in color, while the paste part-B base is off-white in color. With greater than or equal to 200 degrees F flash point, the slight odored part-A catalyst has a specific gravity greater than or equal to 1.58 and VOC contents of 3 grams per liter. With greater than 230 degrees F flash point, the sulfurous odored part-B base has a specific gravity of 1.35 and VOC contents of 2.9 grams per liter. This sealant is supplied in a 3.5-ounce container and can be mixed in a 100 base/10 catalyst ratio by weight to form a dark gray color mixture. It requires 2 hours for application and will be sufficiently cured after 7 to 8 hour. The product withstands a temperature range of -65 to 250 degrees F.
      Oil: Lubrication,General,Gl, Royco 308 Ca,Mil-Prf32033

      ROYCO 308CA is a highly refined mineral oil based lubricating oil blended with modern additives for rust and corrosion inhibition and improved water displacing characteristics. It was developed for the lubrication and protection against corrosion of small arms and automatic weapons however, it may be used as a general-purpose lubricant in all applications where water displacement, water resistance, corrosion protection and/or low temperature performance is required. ROYCO 308CA is an excellent lubricant for locks, hinges, electric motors, chains, and fishing, hunting and camping equipment. For 
      small engine storage, pour slowly into the throat of the carburetor until the engine stalls. The engine is now preserved internally and assures that no gums or corrosion will develop during storage and that valves will not stick during start-up.

      ROYCO 308CA is not rec

      Henkel Loctite® 515 Flange Sealant 51531 Purple, 50 Ml Tube

      Henkel Loctite 515 Series anaerobic flange sealant is purple in color and withstands a temperature rating of -65 to 300 degrees F. The sharp odored gel flange sealant comes in a 50-milliliter tube and has a curing time of 24 hours. It has a specific gravity of 1.1, VOC content of 1.41%, 15.4 grams per liter and a flash point greater than 199.94 degrees F. The methacrylate-based flange sealant has a tensile strength of 2030 psi and shear strength of 725 psi.


      • Viscosity of 275,000 to 950,000 centipoise
      • Withstands a tensile strength of 2030 psi
      • Shear strength of 870 psi


      • Seals between components
      • Suitable for use on metals, wood, plastic, rubber, ceramics, glass and concrete


      • Machined metal components
      Polish: Pl,8Oz, Novus #2,24Cs
      Novus #1 gently cleans without scratching. #2 removes fine scratches, and #3 removes heavier scratches.
      Royco® 782 Synthetic Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid, 1 Gal

      Royco 782 is a red colored, super clean, synthetic-based hydraulic fluid designed for improved fire-resistivity.


      Specifications: MIL-PRF-83282 NATO: H-537


      Joint Service Designation: OX-19
      Dow Corning® Xiameter® Sealant 1891961 Aluminum, 90 Ml Tube

      Dow Corning® Xiameter® RTV732 Series multi-purpose silicone sealant has a specific gravity of 1.04 at 25 degrees C. This acetic acid odored, paste sealant is aluminum in color and comes in a 90-milliliter tube. It has a tensile strength of 2.3 megapascals. This sealant requires 24 hours for curing and withstands a temperature of -60 to 180 degrees C.


      • Cures at room temperature when exposed to moisture for a tough, flexible rubber
      • Ensures stability at high and low temperatures
      • Easy to apply non-sag, paste consistency
      • One-component adhesive/sealant with acetoxy cure system


      • Good adhesion to many substrates
      • Exhibits excellent dielectric properties


      • General industrial sealing and bonding applications
      • Sealing flashing, vents, flues, gutters, marine ca
      3M™ SW1357 Contact Adhesive 62135765303 Gray/Green, 1 qt can
      3M™ SW1357 high-performance contact adhesive is gray/green in color and has a viscosity of 200 to 450 centipoises at 27 degrees C. The liquid adhesive has a strong petroleum odor and comes in a 1-quart can. It resists shear strength of 452 pounds per square inch at 75 degrees F after 2 weeks. The polychloroprene-based adhesive has a specific gravity of 0.815, flash point of -7 degrees F and a boiling point greater than or equal to 56 degrees C. It dries in 10 minutes and has a vapor pressure greater than or equal to 185 millimeters Hg at 68 degrees F. This product withstands a temperature rating of 60 to 80 degrees F.
      Henkel Loctite® Moly-50™ Thread Lubricant 51094 Gray/Black, 1 Lb Can

      Henkel Loctite® Moly-50™ thread lubricant has a flash point greater than 93 degrees C for safe use. The mild petroleum odored, paste lubricant is gray/black in color and comes in a 1-pound can.


      • Specific gravity of 1.3969
      • Withstands a temperature range of -20 to 748 degrees F


      • Suitable for use on machine threads, tapered pipe threads for press-fit and slip-fit joints


      • General anti-seize thread lubrication
      • Use on machine threads, tapered pipe threads
      • Press fit and slip-fit joints
      Phillips 66 1045457 X/C 20W-50 Aviation Oil, 1 qt
      X/C 20W-50 is the first approved multiviscosity aviation oil for opposed piston engines and provides better engine performance than any single-grade oil in all weather conditions.
      Aeroshell Piston Engine Oil W 15 W 50, 1 Qt

      AeroShell Oil W 15 W 50 is a premium semi-sythetic multigrade ashless dispersant oil specifically developed for aviation piston engines. Aeroshell Oil W 15 W 50 provides compatibility with other approved aircraft piston engine oils.




      • Promotes engine cleanness
      • Reduces oil consumption
      • Protects against oil cooler plugging
      • All season
      • Engine component protection
      • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 5% over straight grade engine oils


      Specifications and Approvals:
      Avco Lycoming 301F (Service Bulletin 1014J and revisions, 446C & 471)
      Teledyne Continental MHS-24B (Service Bulletin M81-11 and revisions)
      Pratt & Whitney All radial engines (Service Bulletin 1183 revision R)
      FAA Airworthiness Directive 80-04-03

      Aeroshell Piston Engine Oil W100 Plus, 1 Qt

      AeroShell Oil W100 Plus is a single grade oil that combines proven AeroShell ashless dispersant technology with advanced antiwear additives. AeroShell Oil W 100 Plus is for pilots who want a single grade that delivers extra protection and performance and brings together the single grade, ashless dispersant performance found in AeroShell W 100 and W 80 and the anti-wear/anti-corrosion additives of AeroShell Oil W 15 W 50 multigrade. Single grade heritage means outstanding resistance to heat, especially in the summer months. Ashless dispersant formultation helps reduce deposits of harmful metallic ash in combustion chambers.


      • Superior rush and corrosion protection
      • Improved anti-wear characteristics
      • Promotes engine cleanness
      • High viscosity index base oils to protect engine components
      • Provides compatibilitiy with other approved aircraft piston engine oils


      Aeroshell Piston Engine Oil W100, 1 Qt

      AeroShell Oil W100 is an ashless dispersant oil for temperate climate regions, 15°C to 30°C. AeroShell W100 provides compatibility with other approved aircraft piston engine oils.




      • Promotes engine cleanness
      • Maintains viscosity and helps protect engine components
      • Inherently stable in storage when stored and handled correctly


      Specifications and Approvals:

      AeroShell Oil W100 is produced to meet fully the SAE specification J-1899 (Grades SAE 30, 40, 50 and 60 respectively). Furthermore, it has military qualification approval and is listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) issued by the US Navy and on the Technically Acceptable Products List (TAPL) issued by the UK Ministry of Defence. The blending plants employed to manufacture this oil also holds the approval of the specification authorities and this e

      Eastman™ Turbine Engine Oil 2380, 1 Qt

      2380 is still one of the most widely used turbine oils in the commercial aviation industry. Qualified and approved for Mil-PRF-23699 STD (Standard) class and subsequently SAE AS5780 SPC (Standard Performance Capability) class.



      • 5 cSt synthetic lubricant
      • Balanced combination of oxidative and thermal stability
      • Low temperature characteristics



      • Extended on-wing accessories lifespan
      • Improved reliability
      • Has been found to neutralise the effects of Copper (Cu)
      • Superior metal passivation results that show reduced oxidation and sludge formation
      Kit: Oil Analysis,Aoa,
      Oil analysis is an early warning detection system which reduces downtime and allows for scheduled maintenance and repairs, lowers maintenance costs by repair of minor problems before they become major and helps spot trouble before it gets serious micros
      Mobilgrease 28 Synthetic Aircraft Grease Red, 13.4 Oz Tube

      Designed for plain and rolling bearings, splines, screws, worm gears and other mechanisms where high-friction reduction, low-wear and low-lubricant friction losses are required. Meets the specifications of MIL-PRF-81322G; DOD-G-24508A, Amendment 4; and NATO G-395.

      • High viscosity index (VI) synthetic base stock with no wax content
      • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion
      • Extreme-pressure protection characteristics
      • Allows wide operating temperature range - outstanding high and low temperature performance
      • Provides thicker fluid films protecting against wear of equipment parts operating at high temperature
      • Superb bearing protection and helps extend bearing life and reduce bearing replacement costs


      Mobilgrease 28 is designed for the lubrication of plain and rolling bearings at low to high speeds, and splines, screws, worm