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      3M Aerospace Sealant AC-350 B-1/2, 3.5 oz Kit
      3M AC350B Aerospace Sealant meets both AMS-S8802 Type II and AMS3276. It can also be certified to CMNP093 Type XIV or MMS332 Grade 2 on a special order basis.
      Aeroshell Oil 80, 1 Qt

      AeroShell Oil 80 is a straight mineral oil blended from selected high viscosity index base oils. This oil does not contain any additives except for very small amounts of pour point depressant to improve fluidity at very low temperatures and an anti-oxidant. AeroShell Oil 80 is designed to provide effective protection to engine components compared to conventional mineral oils and helps ensure reliable performance between scheduled overhauls.


      • High viscosity index
      • Provides compatibility with other approved aircraft piston engine oils
      • Inherently stable in storage when stored and handled correctly


      Specifications and Approvals:
      SAE specification J-1966 (Grades SAE 30, 40, 50 and 60 respectively
      Military qualification approval, listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) issued by the US Navy
      Listed on the Technically Acceptable Products List (TA

      Sealant: 3.5Oz In 1/2Pt,
      Integral Fuel Tank Sealant - Meets AMS-S-8802, Type II, Class B 1/2 Sealant. Designed to withstand the attck of sulfur compounds present in jet fuels. Also used as a pressurized cabin sealant. Alternates with PR-1440, PS1440, PS-890, and MC-236.Type II, Class A 1/2 Sealant. Note that this is sold in a 1/2 pint can, not a Semkit.
      Cleaner: Pl,8Oz, Meguiars

      Use Meguiars MGH-17 (M1708) Plastic Cleaner with Meguiars MGH-10 (M1008) Plastic Polish to maintain optimum window clarity and visibility.

      Brillianze Multi-Surface Cleaner And Polish, 8 oz
      Brillianize is a unique product that makes shiny surfaces brilliant. Shines metal surfaces, Plexiglass windows, Lexan, chrome, mirrors. Helps minimize fingerprints. Anti-static properties help repel dust. Designed for cleaning CRT and LED displays. Best when used with micro-weave cloth.
      Dow Corning® Xiameter® Sealant Clear, 139 Ml

      Dow Corning® Xiameter® RTV732 Series multi-purpose silicone sealant is clear in color and has a specific gravity of 1.04. This acetic acid odored, paste sealant comes in a 139-milliliter container. It has a tensile strength of 2.3 megapascals. This sealant requires 24 hours for curing and withstands a temperature of -60 to 180 degrees C.


      • Exhibits excellent dielectric properties
      • Acetoxy cure system
      • Easy to apply non-sag, paste consistency


      • Excellent adhesion to many substrates
      • Cures at room temperature when exposed to moisture for a tough, flexible rubber


      • General industrial sealing and bonding applications
      • Sealing flashing, vents, flues, gutters, marine cabins and windows
      • Electrical boxes
      • Caulking joints in sheet metal stacks
      • Duc
      3M™ AC-730B2 Aerospace Sealant 70005203933, 3.5 oz
      3M™ AC-730B2 class B non-sag aerospace sealant is ideal for offering effective barrier against the common causes of corrosion. This product comes in two parts which includes part-A catalyst and part-B base.
      Phillips 66 1045910 X/C 20W-50 Anti-Rust Piston Engine Oil, 1 gal
      X/C 20W-50 Anti-Rust is specially formulated to help protect aircraft piston engines against rust and corrosion during extended periods of inactivity.
      AeroShell 550043639 Multipurpose Helicopter Grease 14, 14.1 oz
      AeroShell Grease 14 is a calcium soap thickened, mineral oil base multipurpose helicopter grease inhibited against corrosion and oxidation.
      Henkel LOCTITE® EA 608 Adhesive 398455 Clear, 50 mL dual cartridge

      LOCTITE EA 608, also known as Loctite 608 Hysol Epoxy, is a clear, two part, fast setting epoxy adhesive that bonds with a variety of materials including metal and plastics.
      Manufacturer P/N: 398455

      Smooth-On Metalset® Epoxy Adhesive A4-11 Metallic, 11 Oz Tube

      Smooth-On Metalset® two-part epoxy adhesive has excellent adhesion properties, which makes it ideal for industrial bonding applications to apply on both porous and non-porous surfaces. It can be easily applied even on vertical surfaces without sagging or losing adhesion. This adhesive comes in two parts A and B. The mild odored part-A has a flash point greater than 300 degrees F, viscosity of 1000 to 2000 cP and a specific gravity of 1.07. The mild ammonia odored part-B has a flash point greater than 485 degrees F, viscosity of 320,000 cP and a specific gravity of 1.4. This adhesive is supplied in an 11-ounce tube and can be mixed in a 1:1 ratio by volume or weight to form a metallic color mixture.


      • Adhesive with good machining qualities, offers excellent resistance to alkalis, dilute acids and solvents
      • Contains aerodynamic smoothing compound
      • Specific volume of 19.5 cubic
      Henkel BONDERITE® L-GP GP 460 Acheson Anti-seize 1225098, 1 pt can

      Anti-seize lubricant designed to provide long-lasting service over a wide temperature range. Meets GE A50TF201
      Manufacturer P/N: 1225098

      Dow Corning® Sealant Gray, 10.3 Oz

      Dow Corning® RTV3145 Series silicone sealant withstands a tensile strength of 864 psi and a temperature range of -45 to 200 degrees C. This slight odored, paste sealant is gray in color and comes in a 10.3-ounce container. The silicone base product has a specific gravity of 1.1.


      • Requires no mixing and no ovens
      • Ensures quick in-line processing with optional heat acceleration
      • Can be considered for use with military specification and standard requirements
      • Relative density of 1.12


      • Cures at room temperature
      • Non-flowing sealant offers high tensile/tear strength and elongation


      • Sealing openings in modules and housings
      • Assembly of components on printed wiring board (PWB)
      • Sealing in and around wired and electrical leads


      3M™ Aerospace Sealant 051141-58041 Dark Gray, 25 g
      3M™ AC350B Series class B non-sag aerospace sealant is ideal for use in fuel tank and fuselage applications. This intermediate density polysulfide sealant comes in two parts A and B.
      Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560, 1 Qt

      AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 (ASTO 560) is a third generation 5-centistoke synthetic hindered ester lubricating oil designed to provide commercially viable performance and benefits such as reduced coking and improved wear resistance for modern jet engines. ASTO is formulated to operate under demanding conditions.



      • Reduced coke formation
      • Full compatible with other approved oils
      • No adverse effect on elastomer seals
      • Good oxidative and thermal stability


      ManufacturerEngineApproval Reference
      IAE V2500 (all models)SIL 235
      Oil: Instrument Lubricant,Gl, Royco 885,Mil-Prf6085
      ROYCO 885 is a light, synthetic based lubricating oil containing additives for oxidation and corrosion inhibition, antifoaming, and rust protection. This fluid has very low volatility and exceptional low temperature performance as well. ROYCO 885 is designated as P-17 under Military Standard Mil-P-116G, Mil-PRF-6085, as well as Boeing Material Specification, BMS 3-7.

      Hisco Sealant: Electric Insulate,3Oz, Dow Corning Dc4
      Dow Corning silicone compounds are greaselike materials containing a inert silica filler in combination with selected polydimethyl silicone fluids. They have excellent dielectric properties; are highhly water repellent, resistant to oxidation and essentially nontoxic. Dimethyl silicone compounds come in three bsasic consistencies:

      Light - DC7 Release Compound

      Medium - DC4 Electrical Insulating Compound

      Heavy - DC111 Valve Lubricant