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      Royco® 44 Black Anti-Seize Compound, 1.75 Lb

      Royco 44 is a heavy-duty anti-seize compound developed formulated to delicately blance electrical conductivity needs with corrosion resistant metal/metal allow contact suitability. Royco 44 has a consistency similar to modeling clay and is black in color.

      Royco 44 is recommended for use as anti-seize compound for threaded fasteners and fittings as well as spark plugs, igniters and similar threaded aircraft engine accessory equipment. Due to the graphite compound in Royco 44, this material should not be used in contact with aluminum, magnesium, cadmium or zinc alloys and platings without prior evaluation. Because Royco 44 conducts electricity readily, the mating of dissimilar alloys, which may create an electrical potential, should be avoided.


      Meets SAE-AMS-2518, formerly MIL-T-5544C

      Anti-Seize: 16 oz
      Meets SAE-AMS-2518, formerly MIL-T-5544C.
      Anti-Seize: Sil Grade,8Oz, Loctite
      LOCTITE Silver Grade Anti-Seize Lubricant is a eavy-duty, high-temperature anti-seize thread compound applicable for heavy pressure applications. It can be used in high temperature areas up to 870 C (1600 F). Meets MIL-PRF-907E.


      Silver Grade Anti-Seize Lubricant is used to lubricate and to permit easy disassembly of assemblies exposed to high

      temperatures and heavy contact pressures, such as boiler and oven parts, jet engines, and industrial turbines.