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      Henkel Bonderite® M-Cr 1132™ Aero Conversion Coating 1445846 Green, 420 Gram Pen

      Also known as Alodine 1132, the Touch-N-Prep pen has a convenient applicator to provide a clean, cost effective, easy-to-use method of repairing conversion coatings for touch-up areas. BONDERITE M-CR 1132 AERO Touch-N-Prep Coating is designed to save labor, material and time when applying a dry-in place hex-chrome conversion coating. Its proper use also reduces worker contact to chromated solutions and decreases wastewater, such as rinse water generated from a chromating process. Designed for applying the Classes 1A and 3 chromate conversion coating for MIL-DTL-5541. A non-hexachrome conversion coating option is BONDERITE M-CR 871 Aero


      When working with Alodine, safety glasses are recommended as are G29 Safety Gloves to minimize the risk of skin irritation.


      Meets Military Specification MIL-DTL-81706B

      Henkel BONDERITE® M-CR 871™ AERO Conversion Coating 1446363 Clear, 420 gram pen
      BONDERITE M-CR 871 AERO is a trichrome dry-in-place conversion coating designed for use on aluminum and its alloys. The applicator used to deliver this product provides an easy and safe method of repairing bare areas of aluminum surfaces. Its proper use reduces worker contact to chemical solutions and decreases waste water such as rinse water generated from a conversion coating process. BONDERITE M-CR 871 is formulated for both bare corrosion protection and for bonding applications when combined with organic coatings or structural adhesives. Designed for applying the Classes 1A and 3 non-hexachrome conversion coating for MIL-DTL-5541. A hexachrome conversion coating option is BONDERITE M-CR 1132 Aero.
      Dow Corning® Silicone Coating 1665341 Translucent White, 3 Oz Tube

      Dow Corning® RTV3140 Series silicone coating has a specific gravity of 1.05 and a boiling point temperature rating greater than 65 degrees C. It has a flash point greater than 101.1 degrees C for safe use. The slight odored, liquid silicone coating is translucent white in color and comes in a 3-ounce tube.


      • Viscosity of 34,400 centipoises
      • Tensile strength of 434 psi


      • Excellent flow ability and flame resistance


      • UL 94 V-1 Listed
      • WEEE/RoHS Compliant