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    • https://shop.jeppesen.com/images///products/10692814-173x173.jpg
      Instrument Rating Exam Package

      This convenient format enables students to concentrate on the test content without the burden of looking up questions and figures in separate books.
      Item: 10692814-001
      ISBN: 978-0-88487-288-7
      Printed book: 92 pages

    • https://shop.jeppesen.com/images///products/10692816-173x173.jpg
      Multi-Engine Exam Package
      Prepare for the FAA Multi-Engine Rating Exam with this package.
    • https://shop.jeppesen.com/images///products/10692815-173x173.jpg
      Commercial Pilot Exam Package

      Prepare for the FAA Commercial Pilot written exam.

      Item: 10692815-001
      ISBN: 978-0-88487-289-4
      Printed book: 70 pages


    • https://shop.jeppesen.com/images///products/10692818-173x173.jpg
      Jeppesen Instructor's Guide Manual

      Jeppesen has discontinued sales of the Jeppesen Instructor Guide, item 10692818.  As a replacement instructors can now use the online answer keys for the following Jeppesen Exam Packages:

      1.    Private Pilot Exam Package, item 10692813
      2.    Instrument Rating Exam Package, 10692814
      3.    Commercial Pilot Exam Package, item 10692815
      4.    Multi-Engine Exam Package, item 10692816
      5.    Flight Instructor, item 10692817

    • https://shop.jeppesen.com/images///products/10209397-173x173.jpg
      FliteTraining Commercial Instructor Guide
      No checklist is complete without our FliteTraining guides!
    • https://shop.jeppesen.com/images///products/10209380-173x173.jpg
      FliteTraining Instrument Student Guide
      No checklist is complete without our FliteTraining guides!
    • https://shop.jeppesen.com/images///products/10209391-173x173.jpg
      FliteTraining Commercial Pilot Student Guide
      No checklist is complete without our FliteTraining guides!