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      Commercial Pilot FAA Airmen Knowledge Test Guide

      Study questions for the Commercial Pilot FAA Knowledge exam, with answers and explanations.

      Item: 10001389-017
      ISBN: 978-0-88487-680-9
      Printed book: 376 Pages
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      Instrument/Commercial Syllabus

      Whether you are seeking an instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, or both, the Instrument/Commercial Syllabus provides the framework for Part 141 and Part 61 ground and flight training. The syllabus emphasizes the building-block method of teaching—new material builds on what you have already mastered.

      Version: 10001785-006
      ISBN: 978-0-88487-278-8
      Printed book: 336 pages

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      Instrument/Commercial Record Folder (Individual)
      Effectively track all the details during your instrument/commercial training.

      Version: 10001794-002
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      Jeppesen Instrument Procedures Guide
      Provides comprehensive coverage of all regimes of IFR flight (including takeoff, departure, enroute, arrival, approach and landing). Appropriate for instrument students, instrument flight instructors, instrument rated pilots and ATPs.
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      FliteTraining Instrument Instructor Guide
      No checklist is complete without our FliteTraining guides!
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      Instrument/Commercial Syllabus e-book

      Whether enrolling in an instrument rating, commercial pilot certification, or both, this syllabus is for you. It ensures that you are introduced to topics in a logical sequence prior to applying your skills in the air.

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      Commercial Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS)
      FAA ACS provides clear information on what an applicant must know, consider, and do to qualify for the FAA commercial pilot certificate.
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      Instrument Rating Airman Certification Standards (ACS)
      FAA ACS provides clear information on what an applicant must know, consider, and do to qualify for the instrument rating.