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      Commercial Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS)
      FAA ACS provides clear information on what an applicant must know, consider, and do to qualify for the FAA commercial pilot certificate.
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      Multi-Engine Syllabus E-book

      Outlines a course designed to allow either a private or commercial pilot to add an airplane multi-engine land class rating to an existing certificate.

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        Flight Instructor E-book Syllabus
        The Jeppesen Flight Instructor Syllabus features a step-by-step description of course contents. For each requirement in the Jeppesen (or other) part 141 Flight Instructor program, this syllabus describes lesson objectives, typical flight and ground time allocations, and coordination with other academic support materials for part 141 Basic Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor Course, and Multi-Engine Instructor courses.
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        Private Pilot Maneuvers E-book

        Whether you're on the ground or in flight, refer to this manual to help you learn each maneuver you'll need to perform in the airplane.

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        Private Pilot FAA Practical Test Study Guide e-book

        This study guide carefully parallels the FAA Areas of Operations and Tasks in the Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards. Provides key questions, answers, explanations and references. Designed to coordinate with the knowledge and task portions of the ACS. Includes a copy of the FAA private pilot single-engine land/sea ACS.

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        Private Pilot FAA Airmen Knowledge Test Guide e-book

        The Private Pilot FAA Airman Knowledge Test Guide helps you understand the learning objectives for the test questions so that you can take the FAA knowledge test with confidence.