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Select airports in Canada that fall under the Airport Qualification criteria.

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Jeppesen Airport Qualification and Familiarization Service provides images to familiarize yourself with a specific approach, including the runway environment, terrain, obstacles and cultural information. Please refer to for a list of available airports.

Information for each airport includes:
  • Full-color photos* showing the airport and surrounding terrain, giving pilots excellent approach visualization
  • Enroute graphics enhanced with color contours, key topography and visual checkpoints
  • An overview photo, as well as a photo of each runway from the approach end
  • Runway-specific information
  • Airport operational procedures
  • Details on prevailing weather patterns
  • Information meeting Principal Operations Inspector (P.O.I.) requirements
  • Descriptive overviews identifying significant terrain by distance and bearing
  • Automatic updates as changes in airport and surrounding conditions occur
  • In compliance with FAR 121.445
* limitations for selected countries apply

Jeppesen will make every effort to ship your paper Airway Manual order in five business days. All paper Airway Manual shipments are made out of the U.S. Please consider transit time, shipping costs and customs.
  • Several geographical chart coverages are available to choose from.
  • Trip kits are single-issue options (no revision service) for temporary use only.
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Select airports in Canada that fall under the Airport Qualification criteria.
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