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Includes: Full USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii

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Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck (single install service) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use app for iPads based on the highest quality charting and aeronautical data available combined with flight-critical weather information and basic route planning. Intuitive functionality, data filtering, and a clear, uncluttered display maximizes navigation situational awareness that allows IFR pilots to focus on flying the aircraft. Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck supports documents, IFR text, terminal charts and our “enroute moving map” (data-driven high and low IFR enroute chart depictions). The app, which is free-of-charge, is easy to download from the Apple AppStore; all charting coverages can be purchased here. All revisions will be provided as updates via any internet connection (WiFi or Mobile). Alternatively, the provided single install service can also be used on ForeFlight Mobile or GarminPilot to display our Jeppesen Charts. In case you prefer to have 2 or more installations, we would like to refer you to our other electronic charting products JeppView/JeppView MFD.
SmartNotes cuts through the clutter to intelligently deliver pertinent flight information based on chronological and geospatial data, and minimize pilot interactions with the mobile device.

Organized Track System (OTS) provides critical information for oceanic flights when appropriate airports are selected.

Fully indexed and searchable Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual text sections are available to help you better prepare for your flight.

SID/STAR with own-ship – increase situational awareness by viewing your flight with respect to the terminal air structure.

SID/STAR picker – select specific SID/STAR routing to fit your flight plan and operations. It makes the proposed flight track visible and the performance predictable.

Green/amber annotations – annotate terminal charts with quick notes so all information is at hand and clearly sorted

VFR and cultural data layer to support VFR operations.
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Includes: Full USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii
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