Shipping within the European Union

Why is Jeppesen moving the printing and shipping responsibility from Germany to the USA?
As the industry transitions from paper to digital outputs we see the necessity to streamline our processes in order ensure an ongoing high quality printing process.
Why is the tax missing from my annual renewal invoice for paper products but are still include for electronic products?
Jeppesen will transfer only the shipping of paper navigation products to our USA warehouse. The shipping of all physical electronic products will remain in our German warehouse; therefore the value added tax (VAT) will be accounted in case you have a German ship-to address.
Will I still have to pay the tax?
The responsibility to declare turnover tax on import lies with the customer. If this tax applies and other details can be obtained from the local customs authorities.
Will my account still be maintained in Europe?
Yes, your account will be maintained in Europe without any changes.
Do I have to order my material in the USA?
No, the process to order materials will not change. You can order through JeppDirect or the Jeppesen Customer Service team in Europe.
What will be shipped from the warehouse in the USA?
Only paper navigation products will be shipped from the USA; all other material shipping will remain in our German warehouse.
Will the warehouse transition create additional shipping cost for me?
Jeppesen will pass its special rates which we have with DHL, FedEx and UPS directly to our customer to reduce the shipping charges. If you have negotiated better rates with one of these listed carriers, we would be happy to use your freight collect numbers for your shipments.
Will I have to pick-up all my orders at the customs office in future?

In case you are ordering initial paper navigation products you will receive your shipment via DHL, FedEx or UPS, as per your choice. The carrier will take over customs clearance but might ask you to fill out a form for customs clearance.

As Jeppesen will transfer only the shipping of paper navigation products to our USA warehouse and the shipping of all other products will remain in our German warehouse you will generally not need to pick up your shipments at your local customs office.

How can I return products to Jeppesen?
If you need to return an order please contact the Jeppesen Customer Service team.
Will I receive my revisions significantly later?
Jeppesen is constantly negotiating with our freight carriers to insure the best delivery times for our customers.
Will the way of delivery change?
Jeppesen will not change the shipping method for your revisions during the transition to our warehouse in the USA.
What if my revisions are delayed? How fast can I get a replacement for a delayed or lost revision?
In case of delay or loss, please contact the Jeppesen Customer Service team. Upon notification we will investigate and try to provide you with quick a solution or replacement.