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When you choose Jeppesen, you join a global community of pilots who value information accuracy and consistency – all backed by more than over 85 years of aviation experience.
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Jeppesen digital electronic charts give you access to a worldwide aviation database, which presents critical navigation information in the same, easy-to-interpret manner, wherever in the world you choose to fly.

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Jeppesen Flight Deck Solutions

Jeppesen digital charts integrate with most avionics systems and can be viewed on popular mobile navigation applications such as ForeFlight Mobile, Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck and more.

Jeppesen NavData®

The most complete and accurate aeronautical information available. Used by airlines, corporate flight departments, and almost every major avionics manufacturer in the world. Only Jeppesen offers worldwide coverage, with access to more than 7,000 airports. 

Configure a complete flight deck solution

Combine Jeppesen NavData on your avionics with Jeppesen charts on your mobile devices to have a complete flight deck solution support you during your entire flight.

Airport Mapping Database

AMDB is the detailed data that’s necessary to power today’s airport moving map applications. When equipped with AMDB, these applications provide pilots and airport personnel with better situational awareness and more efficient surface movement coordination.


Comprised of up-to-date data from digital and paper sources from governmental civil aviation and military agencies around the world, the Jeppesen Obstacle Database is the world’s most complete and most trusted database of natural and human-made obstacles relevant to aviation.


The Jeppesen Terrain Database provides accurate terrain data to prevent controlled flight into terrain and to manage terrain avoidance warning systems. Like thousands of other pilots, dispatch and other flight operation planners, you can count on the Jeppesen Terrain Database to provide you with the most accurate information possible when there’s no room for error.  

ForeFlight + Jeppesen

ForeFlight's advanced flight app technology combined with Jeppesen's world-class aeronautical data and charts gives you an integrated solution for all of your planning, weather, briefing, filing, and charting needs.
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